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Khalid ibn Barmak

Khalid ibn Barmak (705-782) was a member of the powerful Persian Barmakids family. He played an important role in the formation of the Abbasid dynasty. He served as minister under the caliph As-Saffah until 775.

He is the first Barmakid about whom much is known. According to one tradition, he was the son of an Arab commander and a Persian slave girl, and was later adopted by the Caliphal family - a common practice at the time.

Under the first Abbassid caliph, As-Saffah, he was made chief of the land Tax bureau in 749, and remained in that position at least three years.

Under the Caliphate of al-Mansur, he was involved in the founding of Baghdad, and protested the use of material from Ctesiphon to build the new city. He was appointed governor of Fars and of Tabaristan.

Afterwards, his family gained more privilege under the caliphate of al-Mahdi, with the help of Khalid's son Yahya ibn Khalid.




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